Annual Graduation Day

gownsOn Behalf of the teachers and the staff of Mahavir Nursery School, it gives me imense pleasure to welcome you all to our Annual graduation day celebration. We percieve education as foundation for all growth and development. It is easily noticeable that our children have a lot of potential, which we and you parents need to encourage as we play vital part in their lives.

i feel very proud as we celebrate our Annual graduation day, with confidence that it will be as always a fabulous event. Our team of dedicated teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure that our students get the best in terms of academics. Due to that reason, i believe that our young graduates feel proud as they move a step ahead to the next level.


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We have been taking part in most ECD (Early Childhood Development) activities that come along with the central Zone under Kisumu Municipality. Polio Vaccinations and Vitamin A drops were given to all the children by Ministry of Health.


I accord my deep appreciation to the Administration office, the managemet Committee of kisumu Education Society for their support and co-operation at all times, teeachers for their hard work to make this event a success and also parents for their donations and assistance at all times. My sencere gratitude to our chief guest Mr. Aloyce Mwita for honoring and sparing his valuable time in gracing our event.


Mr. Alka Vaghela





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